Where are you all finding vintage 80's CR250 parts ?

Just wondering where you guys are finding all your vintage CR250 parts ??


I end up buying most of my parts from the UK as nobody in North America seems to carry anything NOS.


My bike is a 1986 Honda CR250.


I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a new gas tank, shrouds and rear rim ... but finding new or "near new" items is next to impossible.   Been using Ebay, but for the most part, finding NOS parts in almost impossible.  Not interested in the junk the salvagers are listing on Ebay either. 


Anybody have any suggestions or links to places that sell NOS stuff for 80's CR250's ???


Send me a PM if you have a good resource that you don't want to broadcast :)


Thanks  :thumbsup:

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I don't know for sure, but I'd guess that there aren't really any honey holes left as far as NOS stuff goes. Seems the vintage bikes are becoming more and more popular and those parts are very difficult to find. Have you tried going to your local dealer and seeing if they would be willing to do a nationwide inventory search for you? I am pretty sure that they are able to do that, but some dealers just don't want to be bothered. I'm sure there is a dealership out there that has some nos stuff on a back shelf. There is a dealer about an hour north that is owned by a extremely nice old guy that believes in throwing nothing away. If they weren't an hour away I'd do all my business with him, but last time I was up there was for a part that no one else had in stock and he did. We got to talking and he told me a story about how the week before a guy from California called him looking for a gas tank for a late 70's early 80's Honda motorcycle and he searched the back room and low and behold he had one sitting on the shelf. I believe it was for a goldwing but I can't remember for sure. That guy had been going down the list of every Honda shop in the country for the past few weeks. The place is called Sharon cycle in Sharon, pa and their number is +1 (724) 342-5378. I'm sure its a total longshot, but there just aren't many places left like this one. Good luck on your search and post some pictures when your done.

www.motosport.com....They have all the origenal OEM parts

I have checked everywhere in North America.  The only NOS inventory that is left sits on shelves in dealerships (or in somebody's garage).


I am looking for the "hard to find" stuff.


Currently almost all of my parts are coming from the UK ... which is fine, but very expensive.  


If anybody knows of a spot to find OEM shrouds and gas tank (or rear wheel, etc.) ... let me know.  The aftermarket plastics (via DC) are pure junk. 


Motosport and the usual dealers only have the easy to find stuff.

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