Blown head gasket?

Got foamy bubbly coolant. Is that a sign my head gasket is blown? The bike still runs ok actually it runs very well and I'm not losing any coolant or gaining. I don't have any smoke coming out of my exhaust except when it sits for a while (condensation). The exhaust gas doesn't smell like coolant either, it smells like sunoco 260gtx. I just changed the coolant to engine ice. Would the bubbles have something to do with that? Maybe there is air somewhere in the system. The bike has approximately 35 hours on it what could cause that to happen so early? Could that damage anything else or do I just need to get a top end done? I am finding this after I have shut the bike down and pulled the cap. The coolant isn't contaminated. I can see the fins through the top and a few calcium flecks floating around but I'm not worried about that.

Would I be able to make a conclusion but pulling the cap and kicking the bike over while holding the stop button to see if it bubbles? Theoretically it would bubble if the gasket is leaking right? The reason it bubbles is the compression leaking into the cooling passageways via the cylinder head. That's what happens on cars anyway. It's not "blown" yet I suppose leaky head gasket would've been a better title.

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At 35 hours- I personally would do top end and check it over. If not-just run it. Bubbles can come from the coolant flowing. If the bike is warm and you have cap off it will actually make coolant boil. Conditioners fan make coolant froth. You could do pots of different tests but none adress if there is an issue. If you see no issue and don't want to tewr into it just ride.

my engine ice has bubbles like that

I've never seen that before. So your saying me taking the cap off while it's hot does that-as in not running? I have run engine ice before but not in this bike. It didn't froth like that with the oem coolant in it either. So maybe they have changed the formulation of it? That's what I'm wondering if there is a chemical in that stuff that makes it foam like that.

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Its possible. Also if the engine is hot and you open the cap- coolant is closer to boiling temp. Under pressure water and basically any fluid is less likely to boil. If you have a jar of water and pull a vacumm/lower pressure it will boil at room temp. Hold kill switch and kick bike over hard 20 times. If it bubbles got head leak

Kick it with the cap off? What could cause a head gasket failure could it be that I am riding it too hard maybe? How can I prevent this in the future

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Yes. Kick with cap off just hold kill button. If you see bubbles its possible. I honestly don't think you have a bad head gasket.

I am suspicious that it is leaking because of the froth. Like I said I haven't ever seen that in any of my bikes. When cars have a blown head gasket they have the same symptoms. I don't want to end up with a warped head or something like that. I'm going to try that and see if it bubbles. I assume they would be the tiny ones I've been seeing. I tried it earlier but didn't really kick it that many times. After it sits for a minute they go away. It is alarming to me for sure. I did just change it though coincidentally and I think that may have something to do with it too. Thanks for the help ac.

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I did kick it and found nothing. I ran it for 20 seconds from cold and got bubbles though. Don't know what to think. Wouldn't it misfire as well?

DO.  you have anyone who can test your coolant to see if there is exhaust gas in it. Most automotive techs have these testers.. 

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