125 honda engine pit bike rebuild HELP?!

I have bought a 125 pit bike to use as a project it says honda on the side casing but i did not no honda did a engine for a pit bike the bike wont start now it did start but cut out i have bought all new parts for this bike as i am wanting to make it a whole new bike except from the engine and the frame i will be keeping the same i am looking for advice as to were i should start to strip and rebulid this bike and reform it to being a brand new bike it has compresion but i think the cut out switch and electrical components maybe the problem but the main purpose of this post is of anyone who knows what there are doing to help point me in the right direction to wear to start as this is the first time i attempt a engine rebuild, also the bike has no air filter but i have purchased one and awaiting delivery would that affect the bike from starting up ?

Post some pics

Clean all electrical connections

Yes the absence of an air filter will affect how it runs, it'll be too lean.

Get a new spark plug

Fresh gas

If it has compression, why would you rebuild it?

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If it has compression, why would you rebuild it?


He broke the mudguard.

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