Skid plates - bolt verses clamp on

What are your opinions on the clamp-on verses bolt-on skid plates? I just received a Baja Designs with steel clamps that will certainly eat away at the aluminum frame. Steel in direct contact with aluminum creates "dissimilar metal corrosion". I could insulate the clamps with rubber or send the thing back for a bolt-on. Also seems like a time consuming hassle for maintenance, messing with all those loose clamps. Thanks.

I chose a bolt on style for my XR650R, but my brother-in-law and my son have the clamp on styles on their XR650R & XR250R. Their clamp on skid plates have rubber insulators on them and I can't remember if they came with the insulators or if I added them even though I'm the one who installed them (my memory has fadded :)).

I've seen a good deal of bikes with the clamp on style and while I prefer the bolt on style, make note that the bolt on style has its own set of problems. For instance, the bolts on the bottom of the skid plate will get chewed up from griding on rocks, etc. If you have allen screws, then they'll get packed with dirt, sand, etc, and it almost becomes cement like inside the allen socket. Also, the allen socket will get damaged over time if they grind on the rocks. I replaced the stock allen sockets with stainless steel button head allen bolts and that has helped alot in terms of them not being damaged as easily, but its probably more of a personal preference thing as to which style is better (clamp on vs bolt on).

No matter which skid plate you get, be prepared to hear some additional engine noise after you install it (especially at higher engine RPM) unless you insulate it really well.

I also just added the aluminum plate with clamps and had similar concerns - thinking about "tool-dip" for the clamps just have to choose a color.

To prevent the picking and scraping and swearing that accompany packed recesses in allen head bolt/screws - try filling them with wax(once they are clean) just pack it in there before the dirt and mud fill it up for you. Then a little bit of heat will get you back in without all the picking away at the cement. I prefer to heat up a allen wrench with a match or lighter rather than having the flame in close proximity to the gas +oil :) The hot wrench will melt the wax out of the way.

I have the bolt on my wife has a clamp on on her 03 wr259f and its also alum. if yours is not you should insulate them from the alum.

I went with an XR's Only bolt-on. It has some serious battle wounds but has been problem free.I figure if I ever hit something immoveable really hard the plate will slide instead of shearing bolt heads! Hopefully! :)

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