Trade for '09 YZ250f?

I have a '08 WR250x supermoto with 3500 miles in very good shape. I am thinking about trading it for a '09 YZ250f that has no mods and 31hrs. YZ is in pretty good shape. Can tell its been ridden but said it had a mechanic do all the work (heard that before).

KBB show fairly even in price but mine is worth a little more. I am concerned buying a 4t with 31 hrs and not knowing anything for sure on bike's history. I know mine is in great shape and don't want to get messed over. Thoughts?

You have reasonalbe concern. You are giving up a vewry durable mild street bike for a well used race bike.


Ask for proof of maintenance. Ask to see the records of the vlave clearence checks. Take the air filter off and 'white cotton glove' inside the airboot (not air box). Inspect the bike closely.

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