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Help with Progress racing CDI PW80

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 Hello everyone,

I am having trouble installing a Progress Racing CDI on my PW80.

The PW80 has a 5 pin CDI whereas the Progress racing has a 7 pin.

I know it can be done and I have read a few posts where others have had trouble.

Some sellers of the Progress Racing CDI suggest cutting a wire so they are aware of these differences.

I have done the following:


1.  Cut the extra red/white wire that goes to the stator/generator

2.  Spliced the two black ground wires together

3.  Joined all other wires colour for colour


Bike did not start:

Also reversed the tow wires from the stator/generator.

Bike still did not start!



Any suggestions please????


The reason I am installing one of these ignition units is to remove the factory 'Rev Limiter'.

It is my belief that all PW80's have a Rev Limiter at 10,000rpm 

Even the old model PW80 CDI's have the rev limiter built in!

My PW80 Revs up to 9980rpm then wount go any higher no mater what I do to it.

In the factory handbook the ignition timing curve stops at 10,000rpm so I am convinced this is where everything stops. (see attachment)download.jpg


Thank you in advance.







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Did I suggest trying a KX60 CDI? I'm pretty sure it's got a flat timing curve and I know it revs higher than 10K. The only thing is you'll need to reverse the plugs, the polarity is backwards from the PW80, it won't run if you just plug it in.

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