Can anyone help me out with a legible crf450x ADR wiring diagram?

I have a 2008 crf450x and need to get all my lights and indicators wired up however the person who removed it all didn't just remove the lights he has chopped into the looms leaving it very confusing to work out. I have tried searching online but I can only find barely readable ones.               

If anyone has a legible ADR wiring diagram can you please help me out? 

Hi Capt

i think i have 4 an 05

i dig it up

i emailed honda australia via their website and the lovely lady had it in my mailbox within the week. she couldn't email it due to the poor quality...

good luck..... the aussie adr is sh.t..............but it is good to have rego....

does anyone in oz know where the crf recieves its wiring loom....

as mine is shagged and i am sure a few others, would it be possible to purchase the loom brand new off the company who manufactures them ????????

they should be doing the 2014 as we speak..............due in shops mid stickers  ..  again  ..

just speared an email to protech developments. their name is on the wiring diagram i recieved from honda aust. i am chasing the company that actually makes the loom...

quick reply from protech....." you can only purchase the australian wiring loom from honda "

Most manufacturers buy any number of sub components from outside sources.  Chains, wiring, bearings, electrical components, fuel system components, lots of stuff.  In almost every case, they have as a part of the contract with the vendor, a prohibition against that vendor selling brand/model specific parts to retail customers.   I'd be surprised if you could buy a harness from the OEM vendor.

I have a full rich text .pdf electronic version of the IOM Manual. 464 Pages. 55MB in size. Reduced it to 32MB.


I can probably extract a few pages and email them to you.

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