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Wheelbase length. Axle back or forward?

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What a Boo Boo on my part! In the rush of getting my bike together I accidentally installed my stock 13/50 sprockets and cut the new chain too short (114 vs 116 stock).


I got the adjustment good but now my axle is pretty far forward. For a mortal such as myself will this ruin the handling of the bike? I've decided to go for it and see how she rides. I imagine it will be quicker turning and a little less stable in the straights.


Anyone else do this? Whatcha' think?




BTW, the lower chain pad is installed wrong. Again, getting in a hurry before my work shift starts! It has been removed and put on the bottom where it belongs.

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As long as the tire doesn't rub against the mud guard I'm sure your fine, and since your at minimum slack you will have plenty of room to move your axle back as your chain stretches! :p

Haha but seriously, ive done something like this before and didn't really notice a difference in handling.

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