XR250R/L? Sprocket?

I bought a used '93 XR250R (Title VIN matches) and have worn out the sprocket.  When I ordered a new one the ID of the new one (130mm) was larger than the hub OD (120mm).  After looking around on line it looks like a might have a wheel from an XR250L rather than an "R" how ever when I order one for a replacement for the "L" (Pro Taper) it was also larger.  The bolt center to bolt center for both of the new sprockets was 150mm as apposed to the 140mm on my sprocket.  I am currently running and aluminum 52T and would like to replace it with at least a 46 aluminum but can only find 42 steel for JT Sprockets and Parts Unlimited.  Any help would be welcome.photo 1.JPGphoto 2.JPGphoto 3.JPG

120/140 sounds like an L hub.  L hubs have a cush drive with rubber cushioning between the inner and outer hub.  They also have three wheel bearings.  JT has 38T & 40T steel sprockets.  Sprocket Specialists will make any number of teeth but unfortunately they only make aluminum sprockets.  Super Sprox makes an aluminum sprocket with steel teeth.

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