Help please: KTM 450 XC-W Street Use?



I have come across a good deal for a street legal KTM 450 XC-W, and I am wondering how suited it is for road use. I currently have a KLX 250 S that just doesn't deliver the performance I want. I ride about 40 miles a week around my college town from place to place, and on the weekends I like to do some off-road riding. It's a 20 - 30 mile ride to the dirt tracks and trails. I'm 6' 6" 210 lbs and a decent rider. My biggest hesitation on moving to the KTM is the maintenance. I've heard they are great bikes, but require a lot of work (oil, filters, valves). 


I know the DRZ 400 is an option, but the high performance of the KTM is very attractive. I want something that can get me around town as well as ride aggressively on dirt trails or tracks. 


Is the KTM 450 XC-W the right bike for me? I want a good bike that will last. I don't want to be constantly tending to it or worrying that I'm messing it up by riding it 70 mph on the street.



40 miles @ 40 mph, street, slight traffic (around town)

40 miles @ 70 mph, street, no traffic (round-trip to the trail/track)

3 hours, dirt trails/tracks



What year?

I have never owned the XCW line of 450s but I have owned a 08 530 and currently a 12 500 with each over the 270hr mark. Both have been no more maintenance then others in owned....

It's a 2007. I believe that means it has the RFS motor?

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Good motors....

i have a plated 2009 450 xc-w and a 2009 DRZ400s.


the xc-w is the better bike by far in every situation. they aren't even in the same class i the dirt. and the KTM it is way more fun on the street (mostly due to the power...and way better for the highway because of the 6 speed wide-ratio tranny).


for the miles you are talking about, it will handle them with ease and be a blast in the process.


yes, the 2007 will be the RFS motor. mine is the XC4 motor. they are both great motors.

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The 2007 450 XC-W is the same as the 2006 450 EXC. Both came from the factory as not equipped for street, and required a street kit to get them registered. The 2007 450 EXC was the first year KTM offered a street legal racer in North America, and had the emissions crap installed (same with the 530).  THe RFS is a pretty simple engine, and if it isn't abused it is quite durable. Regular oil changes and valve check/adjustments. Valves are simple to adjust with very basic tools. Tire good for off road will wear out fast and not ride very well on road. And road tires won't work well off road. Will need to flip a coin and determine what is more important.

Thanks for all the responses. Seems like the EXC or XC-W is the way to go.

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