Need jetting info for a 1985 RM250

I have a 1985 RM250 which I just bought a new carb for.  The carb is a TM38-85.   I have a service manual coming, but I'm trying to get this bike running this weekend.


I can't find any info online for the proper stock jetting for around my year.  Most of the info online is for newer bikes, specifically 1989 and above.  


The current jetting:

Main 310

Pilot 40

Needle: 6FJ40 3rd clip

Float height ???


I can't get it to even sputter, but I'm also not that great at kick starting.  It gets a spark.   I am going to check the float height and set it around 15mm as I've seen 14+-1 and 16 +-1 specs online.  Fuel is definitely getting TO the carb, from there I don't know.


I saw online 1989 specs have a 370 main jet and a 55 pilot, and 1992's switch to a 170 main jet, i'm guessing a new carb for 1992.


Does anybody happen to have this info?

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