Blown shock I think

I have an old 1988 cr 250 i got in trade. The rear was literally like a pogo. I assumed the seal had blown. This was my first attempt at opening a shock, I watched a few vids and dove in. 

This is what I found after I removed the top nut and removed the stack. This is the largest diameter shim. Sorry can not find my calipers to measure thickness. Man my shed is a total disaster right now.


It does measures 36mm in diameter if that helps..... Anyone have extra parts laying around? I am also in need of the dial knob on this showa shock and the bumper is pretty bad. Parts fiche says the knob were on alot of XR600 bikes uptil 2000.




Thanks for any help.

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Where can I find shims?

It looks like the shock has sucked the shim into the ports , I'm guessing its a very shim shim like a 0.15

I still can not for the life of me find my caliper...but yes it is very thin. I will get my feeler gauges and match it it up to see. I have no clue if it is stock. It has Pro Action decals on the shock but you never know with second third hand bikes.


Are shims made of spring steel or just a common carbon steel? Are they heat treated? If I can not find one I thought of tearing apart some old car shocks and seeing if any of them are close. This is my first time inside one so on a steep learning curve.

Fc MX tech etc all sell them

Yeah thanks but that $1.20 shim will cost me $15 in shipping. Thanks i will just go with plan B

People on the forum may sell you individual shims if you measure it

as close as I can tell it is .203mm or .008in..that feeler gauge seems the closet.

So a 36OD x 12ID x .20 thickness

I have a few 36.20's from my YZ / WR shocks, but it looks like the ID is 11mm.  If anyone can confirm if they are the same, I'd be more than happy to send one to you.  You'd owe me $0.46, though :smirk:

thanks..and I can not 100% say this 88 cr showa is 12...but that is the closet i could measure it to with a scale. My calipers have gone MIA....

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