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New Member Intro - XR650L

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Hi all, I picked up a 2007 XR650L a few weeks ago and it's a blast! I grew up on dirt bikes but have never ridden a street legal bike before so it is a good blend of the two worlds. Attached is a pic of my pig the day I brought her home. It was taken near Long Pine Run Reservoir in Caledonia/Michaux State Forest in South Central PA. I've been on a lot of forest roads in the area as well.


My smog block off kit arrived yesterday and I put it on today. It was a lot easier than I thought. I don't have too many other mods planned yet but someday I'll do exhaust for the sound. I'll probably do some carb mods when I change exhaust too.


If any of you South Central PAer's want to get together for a ride, shoot me a PM!




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