i want to install a horn on my xr650r !

03 xr650r stock electrical and stator. i would like to add a nice small loud horn, i will be going out riding in an anual trail ride organized by some friends and there will be atleast 500 bikes quads rhinos... and i would like to have the horn to let people know to move out of my way.


can i install this and just run the horn ? there is a comment in the customer reviews there that says it was installed on a xr650r but it dimmed his headlight and he then changed the headlight to work of the dc power from the rectifier, i dont like the sound of that sounds too messy...



this is the horn



What do you recommend? should i just run it of a battery pack or something or 9v battery? i would rather it run from the bike with no consequences to the rest of the electrical


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