did i get ripped off?

I bought a crank shaft for a 2000 yz250 off ebay and the ad said it was a brand new oem part. I received the part today and upon inspection there was discoloration where the rod bearing is pressed into the crank. I've never bought a brand new crank before so I'm not sure if the discoloration is part of the assembly process or if this is a remanufactured crank. Anyone know the answer?



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That discoloration is part of the manufacturing process.  You can thoroughly inspect the rest of the crank for any signs of wear, and by all means make certain you check your bearing play before installing.

pretty sure it's part of the assembly prosses and is normal but someone will confirm this.

Awesome, thanks guys.

That discoloration is completely normal. That is part of the manufacturing.

At the factory they freeze the rod pin and heat the crank so the pin will go in easier and without galling. That thinner area just starts turning color from the heat. You have a new crank as long as no signs of a flywheel being mounted or other scuffs that come from use.

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Thanks for all the info, guys. I've come to the conclusion that i have a new crank. No signs of flywheel being mounted, no play in the bearings. Good to go! .

I agree with others, the blued crank halfs is normal, when you need to worry is when you see blueing on the lower portion of the rod journal !  :(

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