How to plate in Georgia

Heck, I called DMV in Sacramento and they said that you can't dual-sport any longer. That's a total lie.


WRONG !  It is the truth.


FACT...  it is now...  and has been for 10 years ILLEGAL to put a street plate on any motorcycle that doesn't have an EPA or CARB "ON HIGHWAY" emissions sticker.  PERIOD END of STORY !


The fact that people slip them through the system doesn't change the law.  The fact that people charge money to get them through the DMV doesn't change the law. Getting a plate is possible.  But it is only possible because some DMV clerks are clueless...  or corrupt...  or just don't care.


Chase your plate and best of luck to you...  I hope everyone gets one.  But there is NO question about the legality. 

So you have a SD plate on your bike. Cop or Ranger pulls you over... you have a CA DL and no CA Liability Insurance... he gives you a ticket that requires you to register your vehicle in CA. You are back to square one. So you reply to me... well I just won't get stopped. So I reply to you: Then what good was the SD plate in the first place ?

Out of state plates when you carry CA DL and have no provable residence in the other state are simply a FALSE sense of security. They are waste of time and money. They solve nothing. Think it through.

The address on the registration will show up as wherever you reside at which means you're within the law.

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