1983 XR350R

Hey good evening just bought an 83 XR350R it had a fresh rebuild, hard time getting it started so roll started it, got it running but has crankcase pressure pumping oil out the vent hose and seems to lack vaccuum as it wont idle, motor has new piston rings and valve job. pulled the rocker cover and head off found the timing chain off one tooth thought that was the ticket but basically same situation high pressure in crank case and not drawing fuel, any ideas thanks. :banghead:

Not to be a wet blanket, but the XR350R has serious stator and cdi overheating problems.

So bad, that there are no longer any stators or cdi's available for that bike, from anyone.

One of the symptoms is hard starting with the kicker....


If I were you, I would sell it while it still runs....

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