2006 crf250r

Well, I checked the valves 10 hours ago on my bike and they were perfectly in spec, then it would start anymore so i check them again. and the right intake was .002, left intake was .0015, left exhaust was .003 and right exhaust was .006. So I took the head off and the valves were sunk in a lot. Should i just try to re-shim it, or should i bite the bullet and send it in the get my head machined??

once the valves initially sink into the head they keep going because the coating on the valves goes. and the valve keeps moving. i suggest new valves. if you want long lasting valves go for the kibblewhite intake conversion kit that comes with the springs. i reckon its the best option. as for the head its self, most of the time you shouldn't need to touch the seats because there usually fine, if they have gouges out of it or is very worn you should send it out, but the seats are usually good because the seats are harder than the valves in these models.

I just got mine back from AS Racing and they did a great job and man what a difference it makes! You can actually start the bike on the first or second kick and it runs so much better.  I would bite the bullet and have the head done and I did the Kibblewhite intakes.

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