Keeping Mice and Critters Out During Winter

Hi all! I have an 04 rmz 250 that I have put away for the winter. Just wanted to get some knowledge on what you all do to keep mice and critters out of your air box over the winter. I plugged the exhaust so that's all good. For now I just stuffed some rags in the air box vents to discourage anything from crawling in, but maybe someone has better advice? I have heard mixed results from mothballs. Any advice?

Moth ball and urinal cakes work here.

I've heard something about drier sheets keeping them away. I keep one of those pest repeller things plugged in as well, no clue if it works but for $5 it can't hurt.

Just make a cover(s) out of alloy plate or plastic .

Get a cat.

i'm comin for ya!



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Make sure the air filter is out of the bike and replace it with either a no-toil or twinair airbox cover.  Personally I would tell you to go with the twinair as I have both and the twinair seals much better.  Even if mice do get in there with the cover on they won't be able to do any damage.  You can also drop a couple moth balls in there as others have stated to ensure they stay out of there.

+1 on dryer sheets.  

Plug in the exhaust, airbox cover and you're good.

I use them both every time I wash my bike, then leave them in until the next ride. I also have 2 barn cats, never had a mouse problem after that.

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I also use dryer sheets to keep mice off of things in storage

dryer sheets lose their effectiveness. Mothballs, and piss pucks last. Steel wool in the xhaust, and other openings works well too

Good thinking on the steel wool. I'll try that in the vents and get some mothballs. Why they want in my air box I'll never know. I wish my dog liked to hunt mice and squirrels!

^ they want the filter material.

Ah.  Well they cant have it!!!!!  Thanks everyone.  :)

^ they want the filter material.

No filter material in the exhaust. No filter material in sled air boxes. The mouse that told you that info is a liar

Hmm must be the nice enclosed space then.

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