is it possible to check a cam chain for wear or stretching?

I bought a cam in good shape that came with its cam chain. Could I use this on a repair or just chuck it? I know my existing chain ids stretched I just don't know if it's possible to check a used one for serviceability

By a new one and compare with screwdrivers. If theyre the sane length, keep it and have a spare or return it. The OGs are gonna say buy a new one. I agree but im a broke burro.

If there is any question buy a new one, not worth the risk.



Installthe chain..........if you can lift up on the chain at the very top of the cam sprocket then it`s worn...same goes for a drive chain..


If the chain can be lifted off the teeth,,then there is enough wear to allow that,,and it`s toast..



If they are both off the bike give them a side by side "droop test" to see how they compare,that might give you a idea also.

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