KTM 504 Rotax parts

Hey guys,Steve (Fossil) here.I just picked up a '83 KTM 504 with a Rotax engine that seems to be in great condition but is missing a few parts.I would appreciate any help in finding the cam belt gears and both a kickstart lever and shift lever.Thanks,Steve

Dinosaur bones are Fossils aren't they? LoL just kidding Steve, this is the same engine that ATK used for many many years, in different configurations. I own a '96 605 DS and my buddy has a '84 KTM GS 504-stroke (cool name) the engines look identical other than the elec. starter motor. I worked at ATK here in Utah for a while. they had a bunch of NOS parts, especialy engine stuff.give them a call Frank White owns the place 801-298-8288 tell him Remo sent you. I caught a small hint of a rumor that Keith at American Dirtbike may have taken the old parts inventory. I don't know for sure and I don't have his number, sorry about that. Ron Woods racing is the big US Rotax dist. hope this helps, Remo

Thanks Remo,I have some GREAT news !!! I went back to the folks I got the bike from and asked if I could rummage through the ton of misc. parts that were in the storeage building where the bike,and twenty or so more,were stored and see if any of the parts were there.I dug for quite a while and finally found a box with ALL the missing parts (except the center stand).What a relief.The only kicker is.....the gear on the back of the clutch basket is trashed.So,Friday I called American Dirt Bike and spoke with Keith who is supposed to get back to me.I'm pumped about this old dinosaur.Might convert it for dual sport,or possibly even a motard-style play bike.Anyway,thanks again for the reply.Steve (Yes,a young whippersnapper that used to travel to enduros and hare scrambles with me started calling me the "Docile Fossil" and it stuck.I consider it a term of endearment and go with it).Regards.

Update 2: Found the clutch basket,primary drive gears (the last he had),and lick start transfer gear from Keith at American Dirt Bike,the ATK go to place.Great guy.I have found that Rotax parts are not cheap,or easy to find,but hopefully once I get this beast put back together I won't need anything for a long time.After all,I keep hearing how bulletproof they are,so we'll see.? I do still need the stand (side or center,if anyone has a lead I would appreciate it.Thanks again for the input.Steve

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