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04 jetting need help!

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Howdy guys need a hand,

Full Exhaust

Airbox cut

Pink wire mod

I have a

Ncys needle in 3rd pos

Aftermarket fuel screw

160 main

42 pilot

Replaced spark plug

Rebuilt and cleaned carb several times now

Bike was running okay untill I replaced the hot start, now won't even push start!

Any recommendations?

I checked the valves a few rides ago and seemed fine.

It's got me stumped! It has to be carb issues but can't find the fault

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1. Make sure fuel is reaching the carb by opening the drain.  If not, you have a plugged vent on the tank, filter screen is clogged, fuel line has collapsed, float needle is stuck, or you have gunk in the inlet passage.


2. Make sure the hot start is fully screwed into the carb and that the hot start plunger is not hung up.   Lever should have free play lock to lock as well.


3. Make sure your band clamps are tight on the carb boots.


4. Bump up your idle and start at 2 turns out on the fuel screw.


5. Use fresh gas.


6. Make sure air filter is cleaned and oiled properly (won't really stop you from starting unless it's very dirty, but best to cover all the basics).


7. If you had the slide out of the carb, make sure it's in right side up (very easy to install upside down).


 If it still won't start with the choke, replace the slow jet.


 If it still won't start, then check the slide gasket for damage.


 Before I'd pull out the carb through, I'd double check for spark.  A *brief* shot of starting fluid should at least bump the motor.



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One other thing:


 Double check the fuel screw (especially if you had it out).   Make sure it has a good o-ring, washer, and spring (in that order - o-ring should be first to go in) and that it's actually in (sometimes they will fall out).



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