? On neck brace

So i just got a Leatt neck brace and i have never worn one before but is it really just as simple as it sits on your shoulders? Can it be adjusted to hug your chest and back more?

Do you wear any armour? Also in the middle below the clips, there are bits sticking out of the sides. If you can tuck those under the shirt or armour. It's best not to have a moving neck brace because it could move during a crash.ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1382860151.566547.jpg(te bit below my thumb in the picture)

I will be wearing armor yes and ill give that a try thank you

Btw, if you want it tighter or loser to your chest, there should be some spacers for it

Did you get a little booklet with it? It'll say in there about changing the spacers to fit over your shoulders better. Mine came with some plastic straps that go around your body but Idk if it would work the armor

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