Advise on new dirt bike

Hey all, 


The saving has been done, but now i am unsure of what dirt bike to buy. I am 18 years old and have previous riding experience on a KX 85 when i was younger. I live in an area which is alright for riding but i cant ride too much as the neighbours get fed up, so i would use the bike around 1-2 hours each week. I have been looking at the CRF250 and YZF250 as they seem to have a fair amount of power and look very nice. Would you recommend one of the stated bikes or go more towards a CRF230 or CRF150R? also, if a CRF250 or YZF250 is recommended what is the earliest model i could purchase without jeopardising the quality and lifespan of the bike.


Cheers for advice

How much do want to spend on a used bike ?

Around 3k - 4k

How is your personal discipline in regards to throttle?

Are you a throttle junky or are you generally a timid and cautious rider?

My first dirt bike was a 525, but from other street bikes I knew I had great throttle control and would go all whiskey-throttle with it.

I would consider myself as being a cautious rider, only riding to my ability.

The YZF would be my choice , but buying a used 250F can be risky . Unless you know someone with a YZF and know the history .

If you're the cautious type then I'd say look for a 250 4-stroke.

Yeah have been looking at a 2010 yzf250, but dont know the history. The bike has only done 40 hours, and only trail riding, but im not too sure how to know if it is in top condition.



What about an xr250 or 400? U could definitely find a nice one in your budget

Im not the biggest fan of the XR's due to their looks. They look like farm bikes, as opposed to the CRF250.



Getting a 250f used is very risky, much more so if it's an older one.  If your top price to spend is 3k, you can find a very decent 250f for that, but you have to know what to look for when buying one or you can lay yourself right into a money pit ):    with that being said if you don't really have enough experience to know what to look for ect, ect, you can try a ttr230.  very nice bikes, very reliable, easy to maintain, 3k would get you a very nice 2010 - 2011 model easily. Also they are very quiet bikes, so you won't disturb the neighbors and you can ride longer! Lol

It seems like finding a bike which is quiet but still has a sufficient amount of power is sort of a tough ask. The ttr 230 seems like a nice bike, just doesnt have as much power, and i would probably be looking for a new bike in 5 months time or so. Seems like i am just going to have to ride at trails about 1-1.30hr away, if i am to purchase a 125. Anybody have previous experience with a YZ125 2009 on trails, as i have heard mixed opinions about them on the trails as they dont have enough bottom end.



My first bike was a 04 Rm 125 and my opinion is if you learn to keep it in that sweet spot just before the powerband while slipping the clutch you can get trough some really thecnical,tight trails !!!! Otherwise in more open trails let that powerband purr !

Hahaha, cheers for the reply. Yeah, the 125 seems like the go, either going to be a RM, YZ or KX (have raving reviews).


All the advice is much appreciated

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