xr4 oil change

Ok so I bought this 98 xr400r and I did a filter and oil change.

The problem I have is when I went to remove the frame oil drain bolt it was striped. Well not a big deal...I got it out but only about a half a cup of oil came out! When I pulled the main plug the rest of the oil came out ( the appropriate amount) so I also changed the filter and then put in just under 2 Q of oil like the book calls for.

Now I have put about 10 miles on it riding it around the hood ( I am sure this is make my neighbors happy,DG exhaust and xr spark arrestor) while checking the oil hot and level It does not even register!.what's up with that.

I has not leaked out  I know this for a fact. .

Do a search. Getting a good reading is a little tricky. It has to be really up to temperature to read correctly; I do it after a ride.

Thanks guys. I will go step x step when I get back in state. I still do not know :blink::blink:why not much oil came out of the frame?

Hi these bikes are still new to me but, i used to get a similar problem with an old British bike I had, as a dry sump the oil is only supposed to go round the engine and then back to the frame, the problem you have is it is wet sumping, the oil is leaking back past the pump and gathering in the sump which should only hold .o3 lt of Oil approx. This would account for where your  1.8lt of oil is disappearing to. I might be wrong but it may be a starting point for you.

Yes the oil will drain down into the sump/motor if it sits for a while.

This is why you need to ride the bike for a while and why you can't just idle it before checking the oil.

At idle a lot of the oil will remain in the motor and will not be pumped up into the frame.

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