XR650R late uncorking

Hi guys, recently i bought a 2007 XR650R in good shape but it is uncorked. I can suspect it is around 30000 Km use.


I want to uncork but i want to make sure it will no be risky for the motor or to other parts in the bike and if so, i want to know what to be aware of.






No harm will come from uncorking. I suspect that running corked will do more harm. There is an intake restrictor, remove it. There is an exhaust restrictor to be removed. Then there is a proper needle and jetting to match the better intake and exhaust flow. Honda used to offer the kit with a part #. Some dealers uncorked all XRRs they sold.

it will be fine, you just need to make sure it doesnt end up running lean ... here this should help out http://www.xr650r.net/nonepa.html

uncorking it is better for the bike they run lean from the factory to pass emissions.. replace carb boot with fully open boot, aftermarket exhaust, pull the plugs from back of the air box, get foam filter, rejet carb b-53e needle,68s pilot,175 main, needle on middle 3rd clip, pilot 2-2 1/4 turns out on pilot screw.. make sure when u rebuild carb to use genuine Honda gaskets trust me iv made the mistake. All those parts can be bought from a Honda dealer..when u uncork the bike u will notice a huge difference in power..

you said you bought it and it was already un corked?????


just make sure its jetted and running good, not lean


addjust valves and change oil and go....

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