Thoughts of compromise

One delima Ive had, do I want to buy a EXC500 or the 500 XCW and dualsport it?

Doing the latter and leave the dealer with a plated bike, requires tires and a dual sport kit, which Id estimate about $1000 added to the total OTD price.

Going with the EXC, you'd have to deal with the Ill formed jetting, Im just wondering, if the exc has differnt Fuel injection parts or the same, to where you can just simply pop in a XCW 500 ecu control module( fixing the jetting). Price Im assuming about $1000 or the same.

Thats kind of where my thought process is, and just looking for answers to aide with decision, whats the EXC missing that the XCW has and vice versa, such as does the exc have a higher output stator, are the ecu's easily switchable, is the suspension valving differnt or the same?

If you can find the XCW cheaper then that's the route I would go. Up here, EXCs run in the $12k range and the XCWs are quite a bit cheaper, problem is you can street-legal a XCW. I also find the EXCs command a higher resale. As for power, short of mapping they are virtually the same.... as is the suspension, stator etc etc. The EXCs do have the smog equipment that needs to be removed. For the FI, it's a easy fix and if you research TT you will find all the answers you need regarding help...

Thanks for the reply OMonk, down here in Texas everything is Barbwired, there is no free offroad anymore, unless Haul to a track. So there's a strong street bias, if you want to ride out of the garage door.

You used to have a drz didnt you, remember how the offroad model had a differnt carb than the street and such, just trying to understand the KTM, and thanks for the information.

Yeah my whole thing with the XCw, I want that On road title out the dealers door, which requires paying for them to install the dual sport kit and dot tires.

Ive been riding street only since 2006, I miss the excercise of a dirt bike >G

Yes, I had a DRZ, my wife still has hers... They're not in the same ballpark. The advantage of the DRZ was how easy it was to ride. The KTM can be quite a handful in difficult situations....

When I bought the DRZ back in 2003, I was really surprised at how good of street bike it turned out to be, with a little adjustment. I got forced tranfered to florida one year, there was only about 10 good corners I could count , but they had plenty of offroad sandy forrest trails and roads to play on, it aided alot not commiting suicide, street only there would have sucked.

I always said if they make the drz a 450 or 500 with a six speed, id buy another, that hasnt happened. But my VFR has well over 100,000 miles, so Ive been debating on a 1000 RR or getting another Motard set up.

... They're not in the same ballpark...

That's about an understatement. There is just no comparing them at all. I took my DRZ for one final ride before I sold it, after owning my KTM for around a month. I was riding slow in my driveway, and I just about fell over! I couldn't believe that somehow I USED to ride the DRZ slow. I just about couldn't after riding my KTM!

... The advantage of the DRZ was how easy it was to ride. The KTM can be quite a handful in difficult situations....

I agree that the DRZ is very easy to ride, though, and when I got mine, I couldn't believe how "comfortable" it felt in just about all situations. But, I don't know that the 500 EXC is a "handful", or maybe I haven't found that situation YET that makes it a handful. One thing that I will say IS wrong with the 5hunny, though, is that the stock gearing is really only good for street riding, and very very mild trail riding. If you want to start doing anything super technical, it requires different gearing, something that I haven't done to mine yet. I went out trail riding today, and while I didn't have any issues today, I definitely need some lower gearing. It's so tall geared that I can't keep the motor revved up sometimes when turning corners, so I'm forced to slow down to roll through corners. If I could have the motor going just a bit, I could roll thru corners a lot smoother.

Gearing is my only complaint with my 5hunny so far, and to the OP, the XCW does come with the lower gearing from the factory...


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