1st time buying riding gear ?

I'm looking at getting some One industries riding pants and shirt and was wondering if they run true to street close size? I wear a 32 pant and medium shirt so would I buy the same size for riding gear?


Different brands can vary quite a bit in size and overall fit. Your best bet would be to go into a retailer and try them on yourself. As for waist size, they tend to be about the same if not a bit bigger. Jerseys tend to run big but are more manageable? (i.e. I wear large shirts but can wear an L, XL, and XXL just fine.

If I remember right, one industries stuff runs a little small...but he's right, you're best off going in to a retailer to try it on

You do not want anything that is on the tight side. Most quality online retailers will allow size change if unworn.  Rocky MTN cannot be beat. Why does this stupid site make posts like this, I did nothing to darken print or underline?

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I wear Thor range riding pants. They are great. I have gone down on blacktop and they held up. I would suggest to take a look at them. They do run a size smaller.

I bought 3 pairs of One gear this summer from Rocky Mtn extremely reasonably priced. The pants ran big and I ended up exchanging them for a size smaller than my normal size.

My one defcon pants and jersey fit and I ordered same size jeans I wear loosely.

I have two different pair of One Ind. riding gear...the pants fit big PERIOD, I bought 32's (wear 32 jeans) and they are really loose. The jersey's fit fine (L vs L). Rocky does have a great price on them right now.

I wear a 36 and have Thor/O'Neil/Answer pants and all fit great one size larger. I wear an XL shirt and XL jersey's fit fine. So I would go one size bigger on all your pants and the same size for your jersey's. I actually ordered my Answer Syncron pants in a 36 and they didn't come close to fitting. 

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