Fair Writeup - '12 70 Degree FE450 vs. '13 FE450

Came across this interesting article.  It seems our old girls are outclassed by the new stuff.  Not surprised really, as our bikes are a '09 design, and 4 years is an eternity in dirt bikes.


The 70 Degree bike will remain unique, durable (once minor issues sorted) and a fantastic trail bike.  I will keep riding mine for many years.



Thanks, that did seem like a pretty strait forward article.


I'll be keeping mine for awhile too.

I won't be looking to trade for a newer one... I haven't rode a better mountain single track 4t than the 70deg. Something to be said about the power delivery, ground clearance, and protected head pipe

I don't care what anyone says, the 70 degree bikes are one of the sickest, sexiest thumpers ever made!

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