Z-Start Autoclutch

I have just installed my Z-Start and I like it alot :) I just wanted to know how long it takes to break in and if the temp will make it creep also?? It still creeps just a little and it has been cold here, just wanted to know how everybody else's breakin went??? Still keep on reaching for that clutch :D I almost got the decompressor once will have to break myself of this :D Other than that it feels very smooth and I think I will be much better in the woods :D

Did you put this on a WR450?? Have you considered a handlebar mounted rear brake?? Let's hear the details.


I put it on my 02 WR426, and no I didnt put a rear brake were the clutch lever was, I think I just need to get used to it first :) I have only rode it 2 times and I dont have any hills or trees to ride in until I go to the Black Hills this spring were I can give it a real workout :D

Icerider, did you get the gen-2 or the gen-3 z-start? Gen two has [36] 5/16 diameter balls, gen-3 has [30] 3/8 diameter balls. I went from the gen-2 to the gen-3 and lost all my creep when I did. If you have a gen-3 and still have creep, you will need to adjust your stall speed a little. Another way to cheat the creep is to create a little bigger installed gap. I can help you more when you tell me which version you have.


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