Adjust jetting?

So my drz has just under 24k, 12k ago I put in a NGO iridium plug and this is what it looks like. JD jet kit, 160 main, 25 pilot, 3x3, and full yoshi rs3. To me it looks lean and I do get a bit of surging on the highway at times. I cannot remember what the needle is clipped on and really don't want to rip into the carb but I think I might have to.

So what do you guys think? Adjust needle or mixture screw. I also live at sea level.


Lifting the needle 1 clip cured my surging problem, I would try that and see how it does.


There is no need to to pull the carb out to adjust the needle, just rotate it and take off the top. This can make needle adjustments pretty quick since there is no need to pull the darned thing out.

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