Has anyone been here? Is it worth it? Looks awesome!

Not sure why you posted in this region, but yes its alot of fun. Big place for the east. Got to be a haul from Idaho though? I imagine there is alot more epic terrain out that way.

I'm headed down 29th of this month to the 2nd... Makes my second trip down this year. I love it, but like eric said definitely a haul from Idaho.

Its got 6 tracks I believe, most of them are hardpacked but very fun. I have an annual membership there and go every 2 weeks or so. Plenty of trails to

Dunno how it ended up here??? Posted in the general bike discussion.

Yes, it is a long way, but my parents want me to plan a trip of my own so this looked like a fun place.

I am going next Saturday and Sunday (the 2nd and 3rd) It actually has 9 tracks. MX 1-6, the Bomber track, and 2 pee-wee tracks. Also 150 miles of trails!

Cool! Tell me how it goes

Well I've been atleast 20 times before so I can already tell you its a lot of fun! Last time I went Kevin Windham was there!

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