Oil & Valve clearance tims

I do some light trail riding and some 3 hour hare and hounds enduros.


How often should i change the oil and filter and check the valve clearances?


I have fitted an hour meter to help keep on top of the maintenance

Every 10 - 15 hours.


Thanks Jim

For trail riding, yes, 10 to 15 hours.  but if you are running races there is a much different level of stress that you are putting on the engine.  I change my engine oil after every race and transmission after every two.  How frequent you want to do it is up to you.  


Same thing with a valve check.  Normal riding the interval is much longer.  For racing, especially since you want a top running machine, check it before the race.  If the valves tighten up, and the bike becomes hard to start, that could be disastrous for the race, or even getting back to your trailer.

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