Just bought 04 CRF250R

Like the title said, just got my first bike. I have almost zero experience; i had a buddy that had a couple roketa pit bikes in high school, and i rode for two days once on a crf230.

Just got a 2004 crf250r on a trade. Bike has seen a bit of use...but it currently has a works connection skid plate, and an fmf ti system. Other than that it's basically stock...needs some carb work and needs a clutch with perch, but otherwise seems sound. It was an pyut of state trade handled by my in laws, so i have yet to see it or ride it.

First bike thoughts i can do now, and what should i do when i get back? Common maintenance to do when first getting a used bike? First upgrades to be done?

Thanks guys.


How does yours start ? I had one for 2 years and was very trickey to get going once it was hot. Maybe get yourself a feeler gauge, take the valve cover off and check the valve clearance to start with. Plenty of info if you do a google search. Enjoy the bike !

Check oil w/ filter, tranny fluid making sure there is no metal shavings in any of the fluids, clean float on carb, jets, and return it to stock settings and work from there, check chain, valve clearance, coolant. Btw if it has sat a while chances are the fuel got old and that's why the carb is acting up so in that cases drain the gas. if you need any parts I'm parting out an 07 an will make good deals on whatever you need.

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