My Apologies! Ran out of time, Fella's on getting these Kouba's out

Hey Guys,

I was hoping to get ALL the Kouba's out before I left NH to visit the In-Laws over

Christams. I got out about 1/2 of the 65++ orders.

ALl the International orders went out, and the upper alphebit up to "K"(?).

I ran out of bubble wrap, and ran out of time. I was quite surprised how long it was

taking. I was up until 0030 (12:30AM) Friday morning making labels (w/ barcodes) on my

computer. Friday morning, Alisa & I went out to clean one of her clients "Weekend"

homes. Then off to do ultra last minute shopping. I had to get my Christmas cards out

(wanted to get them out first week in Dec), my printer crapped out on me, had to pack

the van...


Sorry Guys!

I am back in NH Saturday, 12/27. I have Sat, Sun, and Monday day to finish them ALL

up and get them out!! I promise!!

I must also apologise for not setting up my Pay Pal to accept crdit cards. All of my

International TT'ers wanted to use CC's. It would have made their lives MUCH easier. PP

charges for each CC transaction, and then 2.9% of each order. I was trying to get by

as cheap as possible, and I "cheaped" myself into a corner. Everyone else paid the


On the better side, a lot of you said keep the change. I donated a Kouba to Helmut in

Germany, who had a financially challeged dilema getting $$ to me. One other TT'er sent

me money in a very expensive way ($15.00 to send me $15.00). I reimbursed him

$19.00. I would have sent him the money regardless where it came from (my pocket).

I WILL be sending "The Thumpertalker" Bryan H. a Kouba (Bryan - send me your address

via P.M.).I would like to donate 2 more to Brian B. and our "Other" websight guy. An

awfully miniscule price to pay for this FANTASTIC websight.

If I may, I WOULD recommend to everyone to get a Pay Pal account. It is free, and

unbelievably easy to use. To re-imburse guys, PP is just keystroke from sending money.

If we do something like this in the future (FINE W/ ME), PP makes EVERYONE's job

easier. Norm Kouba WOULD NOT take credit cards, but DID take PP... You can "wire"

anybody money that has an e-mail address. Not bad for "I have no clue what to buy

Mom for Christmas" - send her the cash!

I wanted to touch base so you guys don't have to rush out to your least

just not yet.

Carburator King, JD, even snagged a couple!!

Merry Christams Guys!!


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