How to not endo

I was at the track yesterday, 1st time on my 125, 3rd time on a track ever. So, after I got somewhat comfortable, I started jumping this one tabletop, and I would usually endo. So I started giving it has while in the air, and that helped, but a few times the front came a little to high. So, what do you suggest to keep from endoing?

Stay neutral on the bike as best you can. Head over the bar pad and hips over the footpegs. I have seen a lot of inexperienced riders that are dropping the front end over a jump, try to fix it by getting back on the bike. This will only make your problem worse. After that, do you feel like the rear tire is kicking upwards off the face or is it just a lazy drop of the front end?


If its just a lazy drop of the nose of the bike then smooth acceleration up the face will help you out. Not a panicky WFO up the face but smooth acceleration from the bottom of the face to the lip. Acceleration is the key word. You shouldn't be trying to go the same speed at the lip as you were at the base of the jump. At the same time, being on a 2 stroke you don't want to hit the powerband in the middle of the face. Be in the powerband coming to the jump and then keep accelerating through takeoff.


If the rear end feels like it is kicking you can give a slight blip of the throttle at the lip of the jump. Smooth acceleration up the face then just a little harder at the lip. However this effect can also come from having too much rebound on the shock. If the face is smooth and you are staying neutral on the bike and have smooth acceleration on the face then try going a few clicks softer on your shock rebound.


Three main keys to jumping:

#1 - Neutral body position

#2 - Smooth acceleration on the face

#3 - Suspension


Hope this helps

Thank you! To me it felt like a lazy drop, so I will try to accelerate in the powerband next time. It is kind scary doing the jump, so most of the time I would just bounce off the end of the tabletop down to the ground. To bad that was the last practice this year

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