VIN Number TTR125

Hi, iv just bought myself a second hand Yamaha TTR125. I'm literally a new born to the bike world. Iv been looking on-line for the location of my VIN/Chassis number. Apparently on the right side beneath the handle bars. The number i have come up with is *CE07Y-059228* however every website i have told me i need 17digits. before 1989 15digits. The guy i bought it off said it was a 2004. Can anyone help me with the model as i need to buy parts.



Well as far as i know model year doesnt really matter unless there was a serious change in the way the bike was made. If i were you i would check again for the VIN on the bike. Its on the frame where the steering bearing is. Heres a pic if it helps15629527_5.jpg?v=8CFDF0D5F801E10

i was told the 10th digit is the year.

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