Coolant in Oil?

Ok, so while riding at the track today, my bike suddenly sputtered to a halt for no apparent reason. My dad checked everything and it turned out that the problem was that coolant was leaking into the oil.

We haven't torn anything down yet but I'm assuming this would be caused by a water pump seal? I just changed the oil in it last night and there was no leaks or coolant in the oil. However, about 3 laps around the track, and my bike came to a halt and would start back up. What should I look for when we tear it down? What all would need replaced to get it running again? It won't start at all currently.

It's possible but it could be a head gasket too. Check if you have oil in your coolant. If your bike stopped then its probably combustion leak. That means water is getting in to the combustion chamber from the water jacket from the head gasket.

^^^ Yep. Sounds like a head gasket

Thanks guys. That's all it was, a head gasket. It had a pinch in it from the last owner. It is back to running condition again

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