I race C class and my stock 250f is down on power and I knowingly need more. It just has a full pro circuit T4r exhaust. Other than that, it's all stock. The exhaust added power but not enough to my satisfaction. I've won 2 races and got second in 2 as well in beginner class. So moving up to novices was hard with little power. So my question is, what are some effective mods that will give me considerably noticeable power gains? I'm considering porting and polishing the head, a 270 big bore kit, air4orce intake, etc.

Please leave me some advice on what I may be able to do to increase power. I don't want to buy a 250 2-stroke but I may have to if I can't get more power out of this 250f. Thanks!

Practice more. The bike is not low on power. Get it to hook up better. Work on your technique. Set the suspension better. Then practice more.

if your really looking for more power just remap it and add a cam and a high compression piston with a quality race fuel but the best way and also cheapest way is what he said ^^^^^^

Fresh head, high compression piston , and a remap would probably get you where you want if the motor is tired. That being said, I have a BB kit in my 09 and love the little bit of extra torque it offers

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Remap, cam, high comp piston and port N polish.... so much better this way

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