Help with Mods 2007 TTR125L

I recently got a 2007 TTR125L, I am not new to bikes just this one.  I am looking to put a FMF Powercore 4 exhaust and get a JD Jet Kit.  Any information you guys can give me to help with this bike would be greatly appreciated.  I'm not sure if i need to open the air box up or what jets to run with this bike with the exhaust.  I have a 2012 DRZ400S with big bore kit, hot cams, fcr and mrd/ssw. I know what to do on it lol just not familiar with all the mods for this.  Thanks in advance.

don't expect power gains, kinda like that DRZ you have.


open the airbox, run a 17.5 pilot and up the main to 110-115, adjust the fuel/air screw. 


if you want more, you can lighten the flywheel.  it will  make the motor more responsive.  after that it is big bore kit and cam. 


also get a BBR frame cradle for the bike

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