what are you doing after washing?

so i washed the bike today and was thinking, am i doing enouf? So i wanted to know what all you guys are doing after a wash.

wd 40 anything that might rust, start it up and dry it off.

wd40 everything thats metal, if i get baked mud on the header i will take wd40 and scothbrite to clean it, if the motor gets any mud or nastys that dont comeoff from the wash i will take wd40 with a brush to it... same for my hubs, dont forget to lube your chain after it will start rusting even if its gold, armor all my tires so they look black as can be, and some armor all to the plastics to buff them into a nice shine

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I wash the bodywork by hand, leave it to dry. Lube the chain straight away.

I have an Se now but when I had a blue model I would spray the bodywork with silicon spray to keep it looking like new . The rest is just basic maintenance.

Crack a beer!

wax it :-)

I don't wait til I'm done washing! Ha

I don't recomend starting it up and riding right after a wash since the airfilter is likely wet. Lube it up. Dry it off. Clean a/filter. Then run it.

All I do after washing is let it sit for 10 minutes to dry a bit, then start it up to clear any water out of the exhaust. I have an FMF pipe plug which is the best to block off the pipe but often forget it... I've never ran into any problems been doing this since my first dirt bike and they all ran perfectly fine. Those guys taking wd40 to the bike have way to much time haha. But if you like them pristine that's what you have to do I guess.

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