Question for mass riders

Hey everyone.... I have a question about riding in other states... a few cousins and myself are planning a camping /riding trip for next summer ....I have the ATV registration decal on my dirtbike I need to register my bike in the state where we will be going ?

Mass and all New England states do not recognize other state registrations. This was told to me from a Mass EP at a safety class. So you would have to reg or get a day/week reg . NH you can just go to a store and get one, in Mass it’s a day off from work.




Yes he speeks the truth, I have decals from a few states on my bike. Not all states are dirt bike friendly in some your better off on four wheels. Like any thing else call before you haul.

Thanks guys we are going into new Hampshire.... when u say go into a store to get reg sticker ....what do u mean

Went to Jericho two years ago an stopped at the Cat dealer, filled out my paperwork and got two decals 15min for two bikes. If you ride on some of the roads that are also trails you will need a working headlight and that's about it.

Funny that easy ? Lol

oh yay its that easy, what trail system are you going to ride ?

Not sure yet still in planning stage

Not all N.H trail systems are open to bikes and that southern one is four stroke only so do some research. Hate to say it but a 4 wheeler is more welcome up north.

Interesting ..thanks for the tip ...will have to do research before committing

We rented a cabin when we went to Jericho two years ago ,good place to stay. About 10min to the trails and they are supposed to link another system near the campground. Thing is the other system is 4 wheels only.


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