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Raptors vs dirtbikes, rain ride

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I went north with my quads and let my brother Terry ride my 660 based 720 Raptor.  He led the group with a gropro pointing back at the group.  Many times in the video you will see him roosting on the group.  We also had 2 700 guys from the Raptor forum follow us up there to ride, JC and Aaron.

I rode for 5 minutes and my Raptor threw its "Tim Barker" rod thru the cases abruptly ending my day.  This was a 2005 686 build from Tim Barker and I am bummed.  Even though I was the only person with 2 quads there, I took my turn and waited at the trailer for the group and my brother to finish.

The bike guys were a bunch of college kids riding with their dad, who I went to high school some 30 years ago.  We had a pretty good time considering the destruction.

I finished and posted this video in less than 24 hours of the ride yesterday, that is kind of my thing.  I like to have my videos finished for my guys and their Monday morning quarterbacking.  I think the video turned out pretty good.


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