Riding My New TXC 310R

Just picked up my TXC 310R Friday. Got to ride it in a cross country practice round Saturday (about 8 miles I guess) and then race it(I use the term "race" loosely)Sunday on a longer layout, about 16 miles I guess. The bike is very nice! Had a little trouble on the tight single track, but as long as I worked the clutch at the right time it was no problem (I've been riding two strokes the last four years). I did better Sunday than Saturday. The power of this bike is great. What I've been reading is that it signs off kind of early but, I couldn't make it quit. I'm very happy with my choice, plus it looks cool and it's not orange.


Cool Rex glad you are liking the bike.

I put some serious mile on mine this weekend at the NW Husky Gathering in Bend Oregon. 

It had less than 5 mile on it when I arrived in Bend on Saturday. I rode my 449 most of Saturday and only put on about 25 miles on the 310. The 310 felt really tight. On Sunday I rode the 310 all day and what a difference a day made. It reved quicker stronger and just wanted to keep pulling. I thought the best way to describe the TXC 310r is that it is the 4 stroke equivalent of the WB 165. Light,nimble and stable. Much broader,longer power band and almost as snappy.

Motosportz was very impressed with it. He should be posting a ride report on the other site shortly

One thing that I really liked, that I wasn't getting from the 2-strokes, was the instant power right off the bottom. I could lift the front wheel on demand in any gear. I'm not knocking the 2-strokes I just had to be in the meat of the power ban and the right gear with them but, the Husky can do it on demand. In fact I found myself almost getting into trouble with the Husky doing just that, the thing gets going so fast without realizing it! Scary fun!


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