01 rm250 jetting?

I just rebuilt my bike with brand new Namura top end kit and I did the bottom end bearings along with every single seal in the bike.... I also bought a carb rebuild kit from suzuki and did it how the manual says... I need somewhere to start the jetting to make it run properly for Carson City NV I have a FMF Fatty pipe and a Turbine Core 2 Silencer please help

From FMF website.


We developed these specs with a 32:1 fuel to oil mixing ratio of a 50/50 mix of race fuel and super unleaded, 0 - 1500 ft altitude at 70 degrees outside temperature.


Main jet 158

Pilot 48

Stock needle with clip on 2nd

Air screw 1.5 turns out


Here's the link.  http://www.fmfracing.com/RiderSupport/JettingCenter


Hopefully this will give you a good starting point. :thumbsup:


I'm at roughly 4500 feet here I'm looking for jetting for this altitude because I tried that before I rebuilt it and it didn't do much anything but cover my back fender with the splooge

If it were me, I would drop the main and pilot a few sizes from FMFs recommendation and go from there.

I have an 03 RM 250 and I'm about the same elevation as you. I have a pro circuit pipe and silencer. I dropped my main and pilot a few sizes from what pro circuit recommends and my jetting is much better.


Good luck!

Ill try that thanks!

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