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My WR-400F

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Been a while since I've been here - long while. Some background on my 1999 WR-400F. I ordered my WR in August of 1998, and was delivered in February of 1999. I had come from a 1994 KLX-650C dual sport.


It really hasn't been ridden often, and generally not during the winter. In 2001, most of 2002, and all of 2003 it wasn't ridden due to deployments. Due to a couple of street bikes in the garage, and the boys getting into their own thing and away from riding their CRF-230's, my WR hasn't been ridden since mid-2011. My WR has been ridden in TN, AL, FL, KY, AZ, and CO.


The fuel tank split at a seam near the filler neck and a new OEM tank was purchased. That led to the headlight housing and fenders being replaced so it looked pretty-good again. While I'm on the third rear tire, the original front tire was replace after the last ride in 2011, and hasn't been ridden on. The rear has one ride on it.


Now, with an impending move to Colorado I'm interested in plating the bike so I can run some off-road adventure loops. I've been unsuccessful in plating here in TN, and will give it a shot out there. Plan B if that doesn't work out.


Anyway, I should get my off-road legs going again and hope to get out to the semi-local riding area very soon - before it gets too cold.


So, that's my WR-400F story.




Picture taken near Penrose, Co in 2007.


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Wow, I don't know why people can't get their bike plated. It's actually really simple if you get the steps right.


Call CHP and run the VIN to see if it's even dual-sportable. If you can, great make an appointment and get that done.


Brake and lamp inspection. This is kinda have to spend some $$$.




Tell them you want to ride on the highway. It was simple as that for me. Pay registration for the year and you're good to go, unless if you want to pay for both the green/red sticker and regular registration.


This is in California. I think we have the strictest laws governing to NOT dual-sport bikes.

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