How to install dang rear wheel?!?!?

So its pre 88' model so it has the drum brake not disk, anyways when I got tithe guy had the back break off cuz he said he was going to replace the pads and never did.. well I've been trying to put it on, I thought it would just slide right, in fact I thought there would be a little clearance and that the swing arm would tighten onto the rim, well my rim is about 1/4 inch wider then the swingarm, which doesn't sound like much but it makes it nearly impossible to get on, I got it on once, somehow, but of course forgot to put the chain on, and now I can't get it back on again, its extremely irritating, and it seemed like it didn't want to spin as freely as it should have



Could be wrong, but that looks like a cush-drive hub, so probably not the right wheel.  Not sure about the earlier XR but my '90 model has a very narrow swingarm and the brakeplate is very narrow as a result. The width of yours  look more like an earlier twinshock brakeplate?? JM2CW!

 The 600 brakeplate needs a bit of dremel or grinder work to make it fit into the cush hub. Well worth it if you intend to do a lot of road riding.

What do you mean twin shock brake hub? This is an xl600, the rest of the bike has transformed but this is still an xl.. in the hub it has two pads that wrap around and they both get pushed out to brake, is this what you mean by twin shock? So I can just grind off that quarter inch and ill be fine? I was thinking I could do that, but I don't wanna have something wrong here that'll come back and get me later if I grind it down

So is the rear wheel a cush drive or not..Pull the sprocket side off..If it is it should come away from the hub on a four or five pronged extra sort of hub part and some rubbers will no doubt be spread everywhere..That brake lever looks not XL600,,looks earlier..An earlier 500/250 cush rear wheel should still fit in an XL600 swingarm..


Muzz means..he thinks it may be from a twin shock XR/XL250/500..They all had cush drive pre about 82..Not many people know that..XR/XL..all cush drive rear ends and slightly slimmer than an XL600 cush,,meaning they are easier to fit to an XR600r swingarm.,Course they are drum brake so your disc guys don't wanna know..


Your one being wider throws the guess work into oblivion..It looks Honda but being too wide for the swingarm means maybe the brake side is from a different Honda model.


You'd also have to question whether that plate that has the holes in it is in the right hand picture is wound in correctly..It looks to be sitting way too far out and is also missing a spacer which rides in the center of that windable in bit..

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I'll try and get a better pic of that side tomorrow, I was shootin these in the dark, I did notice the gap, and I tapped it with the rubber mallet but it didn't wanna move.. but if you say it spins in?

Oh, I understand, before they went to the mono shock, got it, well the brake side seems to be the right one, lines up on the swing arm perfect, fits right in the rim, and has no slop on the axle.. ill get those better pics and see what I can learn tomorrow

Oh and for pulling the sprocket side out, I've tried, it doesn't budge, but ill give it another shot tomorrow

Yeah,,That bit in the right hand picture with the holes in it should be on a threaded system as far as I remember,,The holes in it are for a special tool but a hammer and punch does once you get the threads going correctly..If you cross them it'll be a goner..I'm still not totally sure that's from an XL600..looks a bit XL500..You'd better check what's in behind it and compare what you have to a parts fiche of an XL in case some other bits are missing from inside the axle area..

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Ok, I figured it out I believe, so horri, you were right, this is from an an early 80's xr500, so I was missing a spacer that rides on the bearing behind the hub, which is why the wheel wouldn't spin when I got it on because the hub was rubbing directly with the swing arm, which you can see in the pic where it got all muffed up, the next pic is the spacer I was missing, it rides on the bearing inside the hub

So the last pic is the rim set up on the swing arm, the spacer is flush with the swig arm, and on the brake side, well you can see how far the brake hub hangs over the swing arm, so do I just cut all that excess off??




Better check the chain alignment before ya start cutting bits off,, may need the chain-side spacer shortened (seems to stick out a fair bit.)  .

If the chain lines up, while not ideal, it should be ok to shorten brakeplate nose.

If you do, will the brakeplate's arm still locate on the knob on the swingarm.( it stops the brakeplate spinning when ya brake)

 Will the axle be to long?

Hub looks like a 79-81 XL500S but the backing plate doesn't match the one I have here.

Ya good point, and ya the arm on the brake gets to that knob on the swing arm fine, its not going anywhere.. I'm not super concerned about getting this perfect, I'm only getting this on so I can break the engine in, won't be doing any serious riding like that

I was messing around with changing old XR/XL wheels from bike to bike recently (fitting cush hub to XR600), and found

most have the same swingarm -sprocket-centreline distances, and drum brake diameter,, and that the

brakeplate nose length is the only real difference.

Cool well I glanced at it as I left for work today, as it sits, looks like the sprockets are offset by about half an inch, which shouldn't really hurt anything.. I still may take a little off

Cool well I glanced at it as I left for work today, as it sits, looks like the sprockets are offset by about half an inch, which shouldn't really hurt anything.. I still may take a little off



Half an inch off? I would think that's waaaaaay to far out of alignment. If you do ride it, I'd keep it well under 25 mph so you don't chuck the chain and damage your engine cases. Personally, I would not ride it at all like that but it's your bike so your call.

Cool well I glanced at it as I left for work today, as it sits, looks like the sprockets are offset by about half an inch, which shouldn't really hurt anything.. I still may take a little off

Mate,, if it aint spot-on, you're in for a heap of grief!!

  Wondering if chain side of your swingarm is bent inwards??

XR650L's use that "bearing retainer" piece (aluminum with drilled holes) but most other XR's don't. Also on those older ones you can get the wheel spacers turned around.  On some of the older ones the narrow side goes into the hub a little bit, it's easy to look at it and put it on the other way and now the wheel won't fit in the swingarm.  


 When I sold the CBR wheels in the pic above to a guy for his 650L he ended up getting machine work and a custom caliper bracket made because he swore the wheel would not fit in the 650L swingarm, was just too wide, he just had the wheel spacer turned around wrong............  told him that when he was having trouble putting it on his bike. 

Shoot.. kinda wish I saw this earlier, I didn't wanna mess with cutting the spacer since it has to sit flush on the bearing, so I cut the brake side, oh well, I can still cut off the spacer side and throw the other piece I already cut off back on to use like a spacer.. right, well I'm workin on getting this frame rolling so I can brake in my engine while I build up my 650l frame to drop this engine in, so it doesn't gotta run perfect, it won't be abused, the frame is basically scrap now with all the tinkering I've done to it, but I think ill keep it for a cafe project in the future, just need another bottom end for my spare engine.

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