Does anyone else's do this?

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My 2013 and my 09 both do this. It blows grey oil back through the air filter and gets it all over the bottom of seat and you can see where it gets it on the open air vents. It runs fine just wondering if anyone else does it.

there is a cylinder head vent that is T'd to the airbox.  if you look down by the shock on the left side, there is a plug in the end of the drain hose there.  pull it and drain it.  you need to do this on regular basis. 


you can run this like the yamahas and kawis and just run it straight down.  Slipstream makes a filter kit for doing that.

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i drain it after every ride when I wash it, still does it. I will check into that kit

Backflow like that is typically a sign of a spent top end: the blow-by forces oil and combustion vapors through that venting system and into the airbox. Can result from too many hours on a piston/ring set, improper break-in, dirt/dust entering intake tract, improper cylinder prep when doing a top end, plugged oil jets, dirty oil, low oil level, etc...

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...or an oil level that is too high from not completely draining the oil each time.....

My 2011 does this it's 65 hours on it. I guess it's time for a top end?

My 2011 does this it's 65 hours on it. I guess it's time for a top end?

Thats what I thought also on my 09. It had about 45 hrs on it and I thought the same thing.  I put a new top end in it and had my machinist pull vaccum on the head to check the valve job. My valves were in spec and valve job was sealing properly. It still did it after new top end was installed.  I think it may be oil level is to high

Do you ride wheelies alot?

The bike is only used for racing I would be lying if I said I didn't ride the occasional wheelie but not very often

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