I have a few questions about this sand track, keep hearing about how it's the place to go in the winter. Never been there so any info you guys have to offer is helpful. Mostly wondering prices, if it's still open, worth it/ fun riding there, is there trails or just a track. Thanks in advance guys! I don't think I can go another winter without riding so it's either this or racine indoor.


Its called Fred bud and is in Hopkins park Illinois. Only been there once . It is pretty cool

Fred bud? I like that, the Internet told me it was Moto crazy. I guess now knowing the actual name it should be a little easier to find some info on it

Sucks this place doesn't have a website, I can barely find any info on it, I read something about needing a membership to ride there. Anyone know anything about that? Or how much the membership costs?

It is very low key no need for website. Riding parks dont need to have all this website stuff it just adds to time and cost for the owner. The guy that runs it is very cool and fassttt. Look up Fred Nette..

It would help bring in alot more money... But to each his own. Just kinda hard to find out where to go, when they're open, and how much it costs

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