Can't find Fox V4 Visor Screws

Hey guys so one of the screws on my visor fell off when I was riding I don't know when I don't know how but I just can't find it. And every time I do a search for Fox V4 visor screws nothing pops up, just a few visor replacements. Here's some pictures of what kind of screws I have in my helmet. Please help if you can I'm going to the dunes next weekend and can't really ride without a helmet. It just looks like a simple rubber washer and plastic screw and I don't mind if there's aftermarket screws out there. 



20131027_201550 - Copy.jpg

20131027_201600 - Copy.jpg

20131027_201704 - Copy.jpg

I'd find a customer service phone number and give Fox a call. That's an expensive helmet, they should be helpful. eBay may have some too.

For the time being take it to the hardware store and find a bolt and wash that fit. I always used stainless hex caps when I do it just so they still look nice.

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